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When you hear the term "low life" you may instantly relate it to a negative stereotype. Low life's tend to be the losers, the assholes, the odd balls, the hustlers, gangsters, and pimps. A person who is considered morally unacceptable by their communities. They stick out like a sore thumb. Urban outlaws. In the eye of society, they are the dis-ease tainting the obeyed souls with their delinquent ways and revolutionary actions. Walking on the thin line of living life and dodging death. So why pick up that trash? Why give a group of extraordinaries the name LoLiiife? Well because, we "fit the description" they say. LoLiiife is actually an acronym for Leader of Life Infinitely Forever Evolving. The 3 i's symbolize a being's three eyes. Two to observe, one to see, referring to the pineal gland which symbolizes the state of enlightenment.


Turning a negative perception into a positive perspective. One who promotes the constant growth of themselves, but more importantly the evolution of the collective as a whole! We promote positivity and strive to enhance the development of others by setting examples of leadership in life. We are artists here to project our visions from different realms through our words, music and image.

-Leaders Of Life Infintely Forever Evolving
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